Hung on Canceling Import

Hi All

eazyBi was hung on importing date for a couple of hours so we canceled the import, now eazybi is hanging on canceling import.

I am also unable to use the ‘More Actions’ option next to Import as nothing happens when i click the 3 dots

I have emailed ‘’ but no responce :frowning:

Can anyone help?

Ian Brown

Hi Ian

I got confirmation from one my colleagues that the reason for this behavior of eazyBI was related to firewall. Probably, you have been contacted already from

In cases when import hungs, you could always try disabling and enabling the add-on via Jira adminstration page.

Martins / eazyBI support

I met the same problem today, is there any workable solution now?

try disabling/enabling the eazyBI app from the Jira administration page to reset the import scheduler.

Martins /eazyBi