I am trying to create a report for stories in an active sprint with no tests linked

I am fairly new to Easy BI and I am trying to create a report that will show for active sprints any story that does not have a linked test and is not in a Abandoned, Resolved, Closed, or Ready for Release status. The issue I am having is that I am trying to retrieve the data from the issue links section of the story.

Unfortunately I do not have the ability to create custom fields. Is there any way for me to accomplish this?



I am sorry this question has not been answered yet!

If you only wish to have a count of stories that do not have a linked test, the best solution would be to pre-calculate this in Jira Misc calculated field, returning 1 for each story that does not have any tests associated with it.
Further, you can import this calculated field to eazyBI and analyze together with Story status and other dimensions / measures.

Let me know if I have understood you correctly or if you have any further questions!
Lauma / support@eazybi.com