I need to create a report using EazyBi for issue created after a specific date

Need to build a report for group of Jira tickets Created after a specific data


Hello @Peter_Gabra
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​One option would be to use JQL filter in import options, however, that would affect all other reports on your eazyBI account as well.

Another way to solve this would be by creating a calculated member and filter the report by this custom Time.

You could first create a calculated member in “Time” dimension to aggregate all dates after specific date (f.ex April 1, 2023)
Here is a formula you could use:

[Time].[Day].DateMembersBetween('Apr 1 2019','today')

​When you add Time dimension to Pages and select this new calculated member you created, you will be able to filter the report by this specific time range. Together with measure “Issues Created” (from Measures dimension) the report will return all those issues that have been created between April 1 and today.

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Elita from support@eazybi.com

Hello Elita,
Thanks for you reply appreciate your help but the issue is:

  • First i will not be able to user JQL
  • I need to SLA Measures for example “Time to resolution - Met” for only tickets created after “Apr 1 2023”.
  • When i used the solution you provide it still get old created tickets in the SLA measure.

Can you help in this thanks

For more clarification referring to this example <SLA> - Met vs Breached

  • If you filtered by current year
  • Then Drill though issues in January 2023
  • You can find. [IP-31] - Jira created in 31/12/2022 and involved in current year
    What i need to exclude all of tickets created before a date from this SLA report