I want to create a report with multiple dimensions displayed differently


I am creating a trend report and I want to use 4 dimensions. I want 2 dimensions to be displayed as Bar graph and 2 to be displayed as line graph.
Any key inputs would be appreciated.


Hi Jaspreet,

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Adding 4 dimensions to a single report creates more granularity of the report. Perhaps, your use case can be achieved using tuples in custom formulas, where each measure is defined by its own dimension.

Let me show an example.

Measure 1. The number of issues with Priority High:

([Measures].[Issues created],

Measure 2. Large size issues (using T-shirt size custom field) :

([Measures].[Issues created],
[T-shirt size].[L])

Measure 3. Unassigned issues

([Measures].[Issues created],

Measure 4. Issues reported by me

([Measures].[Issues created],

The Bar chart can combine bars and lines on the same chart:

Janis, eazyBI support

Thank you Janis, this is very helpful.