I want to get the average of one dimension in EazyBI

I have one dimension that shows Efficiency Gain for a particular process. Efficiency Gain is a measure in my report. However I need to show the average value of the same for selected time dimension. It would be great help if experts can let me know how I can do that in EazyBI report.

Hi @diptangshusarkar
Welcome to eazyBI community.
Is the dimension for process one of the fields in Jira issues or is it Jira unrelated data in your report?
Perhaps, you could share more details on what do you calculate average by (average by time periods in selected time or average by items for the particular process etc.) in a selected time.
What layout do you use in the report (what is the definition of your report)?

Have you tried using standard calculations where you can select average calculation in your report?

Martins / eazyBI