I want to range negative values in the Cell formatting feature

Hello All,

How can we Range the negative values in the cell formatting feature. I tried and different ways and i did not get exact colour code what I need, Below are the conditions I want to display different colours.

0-10 then GREEN
-1 to -10 then GREEN
10 to 19 then YELLOW
-11 to -10 then YELLOW
Above +/- 20 then RED

Note : its a Percentage value

Kindly share how can we do this ? thanks in advance.

Hi, the cell formatting should work fine also with the negative percentage values.
Keep in mind two things:

  1. you need to use the decimal numbers for the formatting range, not the percentage
  2. the scale for the negative numbers is “reverse” (see the attached screenshot).

Janis, eazyBI support