Ideas to create a new report

Hello, folks.

Can anyone help me to understand if there is a way for me to create a report where I use the number of issues (issue count) that are In Progress (Transition Status must be In Progress) and Issues Resolved on that day? The problem is that for me to see the number of Issues Resolved, I must not exclude the status Done from my chart. What should I do in order to create a report using the timeline view?


Hi @marcelomlo1,
Could you please tell me more about the report you want to achieve?

As measure Issues resolved are counting those issues that have resolution and resolution date. On the Time dimension grouped by issue resolution dates. So it doesn’t exclude any statuses.

There are several ways on how to see issues that were in progress. See other community answers about those topics:

To give a better answer, it would be useful to get some more details about the final report you want to create.

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