If eayzBi working based on real time with Jira


i want to investigate about my question

  • If eazyBI is working based on real time, like the data show on eazyBI is exactly the same as JIRA in the same time ? if not, how often it is updated ?
  • In JIRA for different project we have different steps or workflow, i want to know if the same project in eazyBI shows the same workflow as it has it JIRA ?

and how can i have more inforamtionen about my question
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Hi fears,

eazyBI works off an internal import of the Jira database. It is imported at the times that you define, under the “Source Data” settings for your cube. For example, for a very large Jira database, you might want to import overnight only. For small data, you might want to do it a few times per day. eazyBI reports show data as of the time of the last import. This may seem limiting, but it’s what allows the fast operation of eazyBI, drill-ins, etc. We personally have a large database, import overnight, and people quickly get used to that. :slight_smile:

If you import different projects, they can certainly have differents steps, statuses and workflows. eazyBI will present whatever values are valid for that project. We import many different types of projects, with all sorts of different workflows, and have no issues.


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