I'm A Beginner In EasyBi... Where would you suggest I start

Good afternoon all! Recently got invested in EasyBI through my organization and admittedly in fire hydrant mode. Would love some recommendations or resources on where to start. Using the youtube learning method, but would appreciate some specific links or other resources I could use.


Hi and welcome to Eazybi, I was in a similar situation and I found the resources provided by this community invaluable.


There are videos embedded within this link that talk you through your essential first steps.

This is also a great webinar for getting started:




Thank you so much for the response! Will dive into this all today.

Hi and a warm welcome @rodjay5 ,

While @Barbs already shared two great resources to get acquainted with eazyBI, I will chip in with my two cents :wink: :
eazyBI Demo accounts - Demo accounts. Explore all the different built-in options and available customizations.
Training videos - Training videos

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