I'm not able to see all projects in the source data

Hello community,

we are using eazyBi with Jira Cloud and have realized that not all projects are visible when editing the settings for the Jira import options.
They are company managed service projects.

Thank you for your help.

Hi @punta
Welcome to the eazyBI community, and thanks for posting your question!
Please review the users’, who authorizes the data import into eazyBI, and access to the particular Project issues and Sprints. You can view the user in the “Source data” screen - Data from Jira
Can the user access the Project issues and Sprints in Jira? If not, consider updating the user permissions in Jira.
Another option is resetting the authorization to another user with sufficient access. The user should log in to eazyBI, open the Source tab, click Reset authorization , and run the import manually (see Data from Jira).

Best wishes,

Elita from support@eazybi.com

Hi @Elita.Kalane,

I followed your recommendation and added the user to the project and it now works.
Thanks a lot!

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