Import additional data into Jira cube: how to map users

Hi, I’m trying to import additional data (REST) into the Jira data cube, but somehow EazyBI cannot map the user field from the JSON to the Assignee dimension. I tried pretty much every combination of user key, name, display name as input and key or name as advanced setting for the Assignee dimension in the import definition.

It always says something like “Missing Assignee dimension member for {“name”=>“uho”} and new record creation is not allowed.”, even though what it loads from REST is a valid username / user key / display name.

Apparently you EazyBI throws an error if you import data for users that are not “used” in existing issues. By setting the advanced flag “skip missing” in the Assignee dimension, you only import data for users that are used in Jira issues.

By the way: the “name” column refers to Jira user names, which is probably the most precise way to import user-related data.

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