Import an SQL table into EazyBI

I try to upload an SQL table into my Account.
I manage to do the connection and get the following:

I want the new table to be “in addition” to existing dimensions & measures I have from Jira already, but in the drop-down of the “Dimension” or “Level or Measure”, I get only existing Dimensions or Measures.
also, even if I choose one of them, I get this error: Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value ‘SSI’ to data type int.

How to proceed?

Hi @Jacob.Weiss
It is impossible to import additional dimensions from SQL to eazyBI Jira issue cube.
You can find information about the data mapping on this eazyBI documentation page.

If you need any help further with the data mapping, please write to eazyBI support with additional information as it looks like the printscreen doesn’t provide the full picture of the data mapping.

Gerda //