Import child issue under epic


I am trying to import all child links under an epic, here is the query:

All Linked Children Under Epics

name = “All Linked Children Under Epics”
outward_link = “is a child of”
multiple_values = true
dimension = true

I could see the dimension and properties but no data is showing. Could someone help?

Thank you!

Check that the “outward_link” value is correct. Double-check that “is a child of” is the exact name of the outward link type in your Jira instance.

Ensure that the “customfield_stories” field is correctly configured in your Jira instance. You can check this by going to “Custom fields” in the Jira settings and verifying that the field is defined correctly.

Verify that the issues you are trying to import have child issues that are linked with the “is a child of” link type. You can check this by going to an epic in Jira and looking at its linked issues.

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