Import data from "custom field component" column in google sheet


I’m currently testing EazyBi as reporting tool for my company.

In our Project, we provide a service to a company XXX that then register its clients (A-B-C-etc).
To track our progress, we created a google sheet with information about these “clients” (here listed under “organisation”:


We would like to import that table in eazybi and create a bar chart with all the information per “client”.

Previously, I created a “custom field” called: “consumer involved” that lists all these “clients” in jira.

When I try to import them, I set the following parameters:

  • Dimension: Project
  • Level or Measure: Project
  • Advanced options - Property name: “Consumer Involved”

But, I always receive the error:
Missing Project dimension member for {“x_consumer_involved”=>“A”, “component_id”=>nil} and new record creation is not allowed.

How can I solve this issue?

Thanks again for your time,

Hi @emirouge

Welcome to eazyBI community.

In this case, it sounds more that you would like to create these measures and map them to “Consumer involved” dimension members - but not to Project dimensions.
When importing eazyBI can’t let you create new dimension members from external files (such as google sheets).
Also, we recommend using skip missing to not show error if suddenly a value from Google sheets is not found among imported issues in Jira issues cube.
eazyBI can let you map data only to existing dimension members.

Martins / eazyBI support