Import data from SQL/Excel with empty values in cells

Hello, eazyBI-team!
I’m trying to import some data from database (sql/summary excel file). My colums are:
“Employee Department” - “Employee Name”
The “Employee Department” is a Dimension and some Employees have empty value in it. But after import, I don’t have (none) value among the dimension members, only those that are defined. How to add (none) to dimension members?

eazyBI generates (none) member for default supported imports only, Jira, Confluence, etc. We do not generate the (none) members custom cubes data import. You would like to update the data source (retrieve data from a source with (none) or any other value for missing values).

Currently, REST API import allows additional data customizations with JavaScript custom code. You can try manipulating on how you can retrieve data from SQL by using some transformations in SELECT, as well.

Daina /