Import data through REST API to allow counting of values

How do I import data using the REST API to count the number of times the status_id column contains 1 or 5 is recorded each day ( 1 = Fail, 5 = Pass). There could be 10-100 rows per day
I have already coverted the Int unix date to mm-dd-yyyy format using javascript on import

So it can be charted like the following to show the Test Pass/Fail rate per day, assuming i need to Count ( filter( [Status], Status = 1) )
Date Pass Fail
Oct 17, 4 1
Oct 18 4 1
Oct 19 4 1


Or what is the count formula i should be using e.g.

Filter([Result], [Result] = 1)




As I can see from the last screenshot, you have imported the Status column as a dimension as well.
That is very useful for your use case; the missing part is that it is recommended to add one more column in your data source as a counter. It can be done with one line in the Javascript code:

Then you can do mapping of this column to one more measure:

This measure will automatically give the row count by all dimensions in the report.

Janis, eazyBI support