Import data using Tempo Worklog Attribute as dimension

Hi Community!

EazyBI is being used to generate reports for our customers and is connected to Tempo Timesheets.

We add a Tempo Account for each Client Work Order. We then use a Tempo worklog attribute, “Work Order” to link worklogs to a Tempo Account. We don’t use Tempo Account field on the issue as there is a many to many relationship between issues and work orders. Work orders can be used for multiple issues and sometimes hours worked on an issue can be split between work orders. The set up works really well for us.

We would like to add a data source to import additional propreties for each Work Order to provide a more detailed report, such as Conact Person, Expiry, etc. I can see how to do this if we were using the Tempo Account field on issues but having trouble working out how to do it when using an attribute on Tempo worklogs. My understanding is the Tempo worklog attributes are added as dimensions to the “Issues” cube but I can’t select “Tempo Work Order” in the import mapping. I’ve just tried just typing it in but get an error saying no dimension has been selected.

Any ideas of how to use Tempo worklog attributes as a dimension for data import mapping?

Hi @treborde ,
Unfortunately, it is not possible to map data to Tempo worklog attributes.

Gerda //

Hi - I’m new to easyBI, Tempo and Jira. :slight_smile: New to this community as well, but happy to see it exists.

On this particular issue, I have a need to export worklog attributes such as the time log description (what the person did) to report to our customers. I understand from this post that it is not possible to bring these details into easyBI. Is there a place where we can request such an enhancement? Perhaps it exists and I can vote for it?