Import "Environment" custom field as Dimension


I have te JIRA custom field, “Environment” and it is set with 4 possibles values:

I import it as a dimension, but it looks like this field is not imported, because it shows “(none)” everywhere ! Looks like the values are not imported.


Do you have any idea of the problem ?

Noticed that I have try what is suggested here:

like this:

But still, I got error or empty values.

PS: noticed that I’m on premise, not on the cloud.

Hi @cdemez

Unfortunately, importing the Environment field from Jira is currently impossible in eazyBI for Jira Data Center .
We have such a feature request in our backlog, but I cannot estimate when and if the solution will be developed.

Currently, the workaround is to use the Scripted or Calculated Jira field. You can read more info about this here: Jira calculated and scripted custom fields.

Martins / eazyBI