Import fields from plugin "

Is it possible to import and use fields defined by the plugin “Project Specific Select Field” with eazyBI?


Unfortunately, eazyBI does not have an integration with the plugin mentioned above.

But we do have an integration with Profields (also used for Project-level custom fields).

About the plugin you use, perhaps you can explore the possibilities to access the plugin specific project level fields directly from the Jira DB and then import (via sql) in eazyBI as additional data (mapped to Project dimension members).

Martins / eazyBI support

Hi @alex_g

I just looked again in the “more details” for this plugin and it seems I misunderstood the plugin.

Now I believe that there is good chance to import fields from this plugin by defining them via eazyBI advanced settings since these are not for project-level fields (like I understood earlier) but rather issue-level (project specific) fields which is a totally different level and fields at this level can be manually defined for eazyBI.
Please try defining them and let us know how did it go!

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Thanks! That worked with the plugin