Import from SQL


I’m trying to import some information from SQL, but I don’t get the correct format in the report.


I only need to show the ‘Board’ as row and ‘Project’ as column. The projects shouldn’t be displayed as level member.

Is it a configuration problem from the import? How can I fix it?

Thank you.

Hi @dgodoy!

I see you have many projects for one Board. eazyBI property is one value. You could make the mapping so that the Project is Board level property (note that the level has to be Board, not Project and the property name is specified in settings):

But then only one Project would be imported as Board property. Obviously you could concatenate all Projects in one line to get them concatenated also in eazyBI.

I imagine a lot more flexible approach would be importing projects in a separate dimension. This also requires some measure that would link Boards and Projects together, in this case, I have added a Count column:

Further, you can have the Boards on rows and Projects on columns showing Measure values in cells:

Lauma /