Import issue for incremental linked Source ID field

Hi all,
When I import my data from an API with incremental option, the Source ID field (here 'acc_AccountName 58) seems to map to a “created_at” field instead, raising thus a type error.
Any idea of what could be the issue?

Also, with the same configuration the bug hasn’t been triggered before the recent update, may it have a link ? If not is there a way to clean the configuration except by deleting the Cubes and the data sources ?

2020-09-10 14:33:42 +0200 ERROR: [application_import 38] Dwh.update failed: UPDATE “dwh_16”.“d_incident” SET
2020-09-10 14:33:42 +0200 ERROR: [application_import 38] “due_date” = ‘2020-09-14 16:53:48’, “notify_time” = ‘2020-09-04 16:53:54’, “occured_time” = ‘2020-09-04 16:53:17’
2020-09-10 14:33:42 +0200 ERROR: [application_import 38] WHERE “created_at” = ‘acc_AccountName 58’

eazyBI uses source ID column as a reference to unique rows in source for incremental import purposes only. Advanced option attribute Key column is the best to expliclty specify a particular column for defining the members. eazyBI will use the first column where the dimension is specified if no Key column is used to create a dimension member. You would like to either reorder the columns or use Key column for a specific column (no matter of order) for member creation.

I would suggest update for the mapping and use advanced option Key column for column ID in addition to current advance doption Source ID column.

Daina / support