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Hi Team,

I want to import the “Product Sub area” issues which are linked to “Epic”.
Note: Product Sub area and Epic are issue types.

Please find my advance settings below

Epics linked to Sub Area

name = “Epics linked to Sub Area”
outward_link = “Product child”
inward_link = “Product Parent”
issue_type = “Epic”
multiple_values = true
dimension = true

Suchithra S

Hi @Suchithra,
We had this conversation in the support email, but I will share the answer here as well in case someone is looking for a similar solution.

As multiple epics are linked to a single subarea then it is possible to build a custom issue hierarchy .
For the Product subarea, use the configuration that is similar to this:

name = "Feature"
inward_link = "Parent Feature"
issue_type = "Feature"
update_from_issue_key = "epic_key"

then use it to add this Product Subarea above the Epic hierarchy:

name = "Feature"
all_member_name = "All Issues by features"
levels = [

Then import “Feature” as property. That would create a custom hierarchy like this in the Issue dimension, like the one you can see in this training account: Issue features hierarchy example - Issues - eazyBI Demo Training - eazyBI

Gerda //