Import of additional data to existing Jira data

Unfortunately we do have two different systems our developers work with. One is Jira for developing the new stuff, the second one is the ticket system for incidents.

I would like to join the data to see how many incidents are solved over time. For that I exported the data from the other system and now I try to import it to eazyBI.

I am using the option “Date count measure” to count the incidents resolved, but I always get the following error message:

Missing Time dimension member for {“incident_resolved_at”=>Thu, 23 Mar 2023 10:32:00 CET +01:00} and new record creation is not allowed.

I guess this is because the imported datetime structure ignores the timestamp and uses 00:00:00 as the time and I don’t have members with that exact timestamp. Is that correct?

Is there another option to join the data?

BTW: I am in Riga next week, so I can show the problem to anyone interested… :wink:


Hi Sven,

I like your plan and I have the same issue like you!

I solved it this way:
As your data for the incidents is in no way connected to the data from Jira you should import it to another data cube within your eazyBI account. You can then put the data in a report and combine the reports from both cubes into one dashboard!

Works great for me!

Disclaimer: @roberts.cacus may have been involved in finding this solution. :wink:


Hi @sven,

I admire the solution provided by @sven to your question :laughing:. I apologize for not updating the post with our findings sooner. And thank you for making the long way to :latvia: to participate in the eazyBI community days. I am sure that helped @sven get to the correct solution.

Cheers :tada: !
Roberts //

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