Import of Custom Field All Options


Is it possible to import Custom Field Options, even if the tasks created by the users did not user all the options.

Lets say in jira i have set the options A , B , C
And the users only chose A, and B
For the reports I want to show all the custom field options in the report A, B and C as a header
How do i go about it if possible?

E.g. Month
Given now its may, id like a report dashboard for users to see

| | CustomField_JAN | CustomField_FEB | CustomField_MAR |…|CustomField_DEC|

Am using both EazybI for Jira Cloud and JIra Server.


eazyBI creates members in custom field dimensions dynamically based on values used in issues. At the same time, eazyBI does not delete any of the members if there are issues that no longer have the value (except when performing Empty cube, then all dimension members are deleted).

So for a customfield with A, B, C selections, the only thing I can suggest is adding the C to one ‘dummy’ issue, performing the import and then removing the value again - the C will be added as the Dimension member and will remain there even after no issue has it.

Regarding the Time dimension, eazyBI is adding members only if there is some activity on that date. Future dates often are not added as the only action that usually is in the future is the Issue due dates or Sprint end date. In some cases, some past dates also could be missing due to the lack of activity per day. Nevertheless, if you would like to add projection in future or fill in gaps for past, you can add members to Time dimension manually. See details here

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