Import only issues with Timespent

Hello everyone,

For performance issue of my Eazy BI reports I am trying to import only issues with timespent.
I have tried the “obvious” way by integrating a JQL filter “timespent is not empty”.
It works in a way that it effectively imports only tickets with timespent, however by doing that I lose information on the upper hierarchy of the tickets (e.g. the US on which time is logged is imported well but not the Epic to which it is linked).
Is there a way to modify this JQL query to get it to import all the hierarchy of tickets having logged time (including if I have a custom hierarchy defined in the advanced settings?)?

Thanks in advance for any answer or suggestion !

Hi @Matthieu_Oudeau ,

As we discussed in your support ticket regarding the same topic, eazyBI has a performance issue determining if higher-level members have children. Great examples are “Epic” and “Parent” level members in the Issue dimension “Epic” hierarchy.

In the search for improving the report performance, it is intuitive to use these level members to reduce the number of members retrieved. It turned out to be the other way - using the default hierarchy is more efficient. We plan to address this performance issue in the upcoming version 6.3.0. I currently don’t have any estimates on the release date.

Regarding complex JQL filters, the Atlassian community could be a better match for the challenge.

Roberts //