Import project from Jira

Hello I am trying to import diferent projects from Jira.
In the same account we have the jira admin who is the owner and who import the first project and 5 profiles with adim role.
We are trying to import a new project where one of the 5 profiles is admin but the rest are not included in the project.
When I click in import the project data is not displayed.
If the owner do it (jira admin) upload the project we can see the data but in the import refresh (each day) we lose again the info.
What do the adimn profiles need to import the projects and see the data correctly?

Hi, @Jose_Ignacio_Salvado

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The data import from Jira is authorized by the user who performs the initial data import: their Jira credentials are used to detect which projects and fields could be imported into this eazyBI account. They are applied to all consecutive data imports (scheduled or manual). Inactive or non-existent users can’t authorize data import: if the user access rights are changed in Jira (the user is deactivated or loses access to some of the selected projects), user authorization must be reset.

Please assign a new user to the account with Owner, User Admin, or Data Admin account user roles. The user should log in to eazyBI, open the Source tab, click Reset authorization , and run the import manually (see Data from Jira).

Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding this or anything else, I can assist you with eazyBI.

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