Import pull request data for Bitbucket server

Hi, I would like to be able to create reports for the number of comments, tasks and Jira tickets created from/on a pull request. Please add the possibility to import Pull request data like:

  • issues created in Jira from pull request
  • tasks created in Bitbucket on pull request
  • comments created in Bitbucket on pull request
    This feature would be highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

Hi @BusD,

​Welcome to the eazyBI community!

​eazyBI imports the Pull Requests as a hidden dimension. As such, it could be used in calculations but cannot be used in report rows, columns, or pages.
​Please read more about imported DevOps measures and dimensions here - DevOps data import.

  • issues created in Jira from pull request

The primary view in the data cube is from the issue perspective. If you want to find the number of Jira issues associated with a pull request, you need to identify the pull request by filtering it out in an expression and then you might iterate through the Issue dimension to find the relevant issues. There might be some changes in the upcoming eazyBI version.

  • tasks created in Bitbucket on pull request

Unfortunately, eazyBI does not import ​tasks created for pull requests. I added it for consideration of future development.

  • ​comments created in Bitbucket on pull request

​Unfortunately, eazyBI does not import Bitbucket comments due to potentially misleading figures in case of incremental data import. In the case of GitHub, comments are available only when requesting individual PR - which seriously impairs data import speed. This feature request is still pending in our development backlog for further investigation and future developments. I upvoted that for you.

​Oskars /

Hi Oskars,

thanks for the reply, can you give me a timeline for the new features consideration?
The tasks and comments would be interesting to see just as separate entities without any content, for instance it would be great to see the number of comments which were inserted on all pull requests of a project as an indicator of activity on pull requests, the same with tasks and Jira Issues (stories).These 2 new features would help us a lot, since I am writing on behalf of Marquardt GmbH which has subsidiaries all over the world, so this would help a lot of people out. That’s why it would be helpful for me to know if you guys are implementing these features in the next 3-6 months or not at all, because if this is not possible for you guys then I need to search for other solutions which can deliver this.

Thanks & greets!


Hi @BusD,

The new version with some changes on Jira issues to pull request data relation is expected within about two months.

However, the Bitbucket tasks and comments are yet to be included in the active development scope.
While some new features for the Cloud version might appear earlier, it is very unlikely that a second new server/data center version will be released in Q2 2024.

Oskars /

Hi @BusD
I wanted to let you know that we have released a new eazyBI version recently. We included the improvement to show additional (previously hidden) DevOps data dimensions (Pull Request, Environment, Release, Deployment, Build).

Please see a list of all changes for the eazyBI app for Jira: Changelog - eazyBI for Jira.

Kind regards,
Gerda //