Import Tempo Timesheets 'Cost Tracker' Add-On

Is there a way to integrate the data from Tempo Cost Tracker Projects into EazyBI?

I am finding a lot of success with the timesheets add-on imported data. We are now looking to track profitability in a holistic way. We already have access to the Add-On with Tempo for Cost Tracker. Looking through the import and Dimensions, I do not see an option to pull in this additional layer of data.

Is there a custom way to work through adding this data if it is not out of the box?

FYI, I have figured out how to complete the basic import. However there is a snag, cost tracker projects are not associated with Issues, but rather with a filter. So there is not a direct way to associate the cost tracker project with the underlying issues in the issue cube. Maybe there is a way to translate a JQL filter into issues, but that is above my head.

For my purposes, I have dropped the cost tracker idea to track as a higher level above Epic. I am instead working to implement Advanced Roadmaps on Jira Cloud.

Here was the API set-up to get to the Data for reference in case this helps someone else.