Imported Data for EazyBI at 1am but the report still manage to update issues' statuses changed at 2pm

Hello everyone,

We have schedule imported Data for EazyBI at 1am but when we show the report still manage to update issues’ statuses changed at 2pm.
We would like to understand how EazyBI work with the imported data

Many thanks!

Hi @nhat482

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It is somewhat likely that you have enabled the “Process events” option for eazyBI:

When Process events is selected, eazyBI listens to the most important Jira Cloud webhooks and updates data every hour on issue creation, resolution, updates and deletion, sprint and board changes, and logged hour events. As a result, eazyBI reports will show issues information that is not older than 1 hour even if the Regular import frequency is set to default - daily

See the training video on data import from Jira into eazyBI:

Martins / eazyBI

Hi Martins,

Now i know how to import clearly. Thank you for your support!