Importing 500.000 issues into a cube

I was asked if we can run reports across all our agile projects to measure and compare cycle time across the company.
Lets say we have 500 projects with 100k-500k issues all together. Where are the pit falls ? Any experience with such sizes ?

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Hi @Eckarrol

eazyBI does not have technical limitations for issue count in accounts. Our general recommendation is to have up to 100K issues per account. But it may vary on imported data and how you are going to use those reports. We have some clients who have accounts more significant than recommended, but those accounts are carefully tailored:

  1. A minimal set of custom fields selected for data import
  2. Custom measures are precalculated with JavaScript during data import or precalculated with JiraMisc or Script Runners in Jira.
  3. Create overview reports, no detailed reports on issue level; do not use Drill through issues functionality.

We suggest creating several accounts based on usage and end users as different users would be interested in a different set of data and detail level.

Overview accounts
Import all issues you would like to have, minimize custom field import per account. Use only default stored measures or simple calculations. Avoid any detailed reporting (reports on issue level, drill into issues, etc.). You can have them across all company or for team performance over several years. They typically will show you perspective and high-level changes.

Team/Project account
Import data amount important for the project or team at a particular moment of time. The less issue you will have there the more detailed and complex reports you can build. Consider adding JQL queries to get rid of issues that have no importance anymore. Plan your everyday activities in this account. Run reports on top issues, drill into details, etc.

Template account
In some cases, you may build a template account to share common reports and measures (KPI) across all teams and projects. When a user creates a new Team/Project account, he/she can export/import report definitions from template account. In this case, please consider report and measure namings to be comprehensible for all users across the company.

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