Importing a Scripted field rounds the original value


we have imported a (Scriptrunner) Scripted Field which calculates a decimal value into our EazyBI report, and what we noticed is that eazyBI rounds the value i.e. the original value was 8.3 but eazyBI presents the value as 8.0.

We tried to reformat the value into decimals, and also followed the instructions provided by this documentation by defining the field as a decimal in the advanced settings, but nothing helped in solving the issue.

Has anyone had a similar experience with scripted fields?


Hi @marko_slijepcevic

It should be all about the data type when you define the scripted field in advanced settings for eazyBI.
The default scale for “decimal” data type is 2 decimals, then value shouldn’t be rounded during import and the default format for such fields would also be 2 decimals.
The behavior you described sounds like you might import the field with “integer” data type first.
If that is the case, make sure data type is “decimal” in advanced settings and then run double imports (first without field selected to drop old settings and then again select and import field after new advanced settings are applied).

Martins / eazyBI