Importing all projects

I can see that user can select Projects/Categories during import of data from JIRA. This is great for currently estabilished projects or categories but it does not cover future projects. If there will be new project/category in JIRA, I will have to manually update the Cube setup. This could be very extensive in bigger JIRA instances (for example 30 new projects in past 24 hours). It would be very difficult to keep track on all those project by few EazyBI admins. For certain purposes I would preffer to import literally everything and limit it by JQL in Advanced settings. For example user timesheets - they might be literally anywhere, so I would import everything and limit it just to JQL worklogauthor in membersOf(“group-representing-some-team”). This will provide me reliable way as long as import user will have access.

Long story short, could you please implement new option to import everything? Default value cloud be same so there would be no regression impact.

Thank you for your consideration.

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If you choose “Select all” (see picture below) it will import also future projects when they appear.

Martins / eazyBI support

Hello, I have tried it and it is not working. I have created new project, added an issue and manually triggered the import. The project/issue is missing in the cube. The project is visible to account performing import. Am I doing something wrong?


You must be sure that all projects are selected via “Select all” option - and not manually one by one.
Can you confirm you selected all projects using this feature?
I just tested this functionality on latest eazyBI version and It worked as expected.


Nope, I did not. My point was to make sure that there will be no maintenance required.
Imagine JIRA instance where are ~ 10 new projects created every day. Then Imagine that there is someone who is responsible for reporting, but he does not have time to go to Cube settings every few hours and hit select all and save.
Because the instance is so massive, loading cube settings takes several minutes and it may even time out.

So I have to main reasons for this:

  • Automation. No one likes to make repetitive tasks.
  • Performance improvements. If EazyBI would not need to download information about few dozens of thousands of projects, editing could be faster.

I also agree with this feature request. I would prefer to limit intake from Additional options --> JQL query rather than from the General tab.

We need a ‘Select All’ tick to have eazyBI pick up any newly created projects.

Hi @shaakunthala

this is exactly what “Select All” does. It imports all projects that are available for the user who authorize imports.

It won’t pick up new projects automatically only if you manually interfere with the project selection.
Once “Select all” is selected you can go to “Additional options” and use a JQL filter on top of the project selection to limit projects from that tab.

Martins / eazyBI support

Hi @martins.vanags,

“Picking up the newly created projects” is the exact problem which I would like to see resolved. We have a new project every week/ every two weeks. If data admin has to manually add each project to source data whenever a new project is created, that’s manual effort.

If the size of cube is a concern, then we can use JQL filter to combine multiple project/ category filters. Currently, project selection dialog does not allow such combinations. This is the reason why I prefer the JQL filter.


Hi @shaakunthala

If selection “Select all” is selected in import options page, new projects will appear automatically as selected for import. If there is no “select all” tickmark, only then you would need to manually select every new project for import.

Martins / eazyBI support