Importing archiving issues
This ffeature is available for Jira Data Center only.
"Archived issues disappear from the dashboard and search. If you use Jira Software or Jira Service Desk, they might also disappear from other places. "
Can i Import archived issues to eazybi?

Hi @kvadrokopter,

Thank you for drawing our attention to this question! Currently, data import of archived projects and issues is not supported in eazyBI. We plan to address this use case, but I can not give you any estimates when and exactly how it is going to be solved.

Kind regards,
Roberts // eazyBI support

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Hi @roberts.cacus,

Any idea when this would be available as we are planning to implementing issue archiving.

Looking for any info on this. We’re also looking to archive and this is going to be a critical piece for us

Hi @malikgp and @knayak,

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything new to share regarding this. :frowning:

Roberts //

Ok, well please consider this a +1000 for this feature. As our DC instance grows it’s becoming untenable for issues to remain in an unarchived state for performance reasons.

EazyBI being able to access those archived issues and pull them in for trend analysis beyond the archival window is an absolutely required feature.

Thanks muchly @roberts.cacus