Importing Deviniti Field into EazyBI

We’re trying to create a report that includes a custom field that is stored as a deviniti data type on Jira. However, we’ve noticed that the field that we are trying to use, and others matching the deviniti data type did not import from Jira as custom fields.

We notice that deviniti fields are a bit more complicated than the typical picklist or data entry fields that Jira typically uses. These fields allow us to drill into specific sub-classes to find categories and category types. For this reason, it might be difficult to import them into Jira.

Is there a workaround to allow us to import our custom JIra deviniti data type fields into our version EazyBI, so that we can use them for reporting?

Hi @kcontreni

By default, Jira standard custom field types are recognised and available for data import as described here:

For other custom fields, you may want to use advanced settings and define what data type the field is, single or multiple value and how it should be imported (as a measures or a dimension), etc, please read more here:

In case of custom fields with more complex structure, you may create a JavaScript calculated custom field (or several fields) to retrieve values from this original field and import it (them) as separate custom field(s) with needed advanced settings. Please read more about JavaScript calculated custom fields and how to define them:

If you need more detailed assistance with that, please contact and send the structure of the custom field (from issue JSON, an example also would be nice) and what data do you need to import, and how would you need to use them in reports.

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Did you find a solution? Could you please share? :slight_smile: