Importing several milestones from Excel

Hi everyone.
I just started using EazyBi today and I am failing to import an Excel file correctly:
The Excel has the columns: Document ID - Delivery Date 1 - Answer Date 1 - Delivery Date 2 - Answer Date 2 - Delivery Date 3 - Answer date 3.
How do I import this data successfully? I thought each Delivery Date could be considered a Milestone but I always have an error saying that there can be only one Milestone dimension.
To make it more understandable, I will share what my import looks like:

I am still trying to get a hold of what Dimensions and Measures and Levels are. It’s still quite confusing. My ultimate goal is to create report in which I can clearly see when the documents were delivered and if they were rejected or not.

Any guidance will be much appreciated!


The creation of data mapping is specific if you have several columns holding dates.

  1. The first recommendation is to choose one date column as “default” and map it to the Time dimension. That will map all the measures from the data mapping (e.g., the row count) to the time dimension by this date.

  2. If you must process this date in report, you may wish to duplicate (clone) the column and map it as a property.

  3. The rest of the date columns should also be mapped as properties and with the option to create separate measures, allowing to count rows by this date:

The mapping could look like this and should create the necessary elements for all kinds of reporting:

Janis, eazyBI support