Importing the new Team field which is a Team Picker (single team) custom field type

I am not able to see the new “Team” field which seems to be a Team Picker (single team) type. From the EazyBI documentation, this type is not in the supported list. Is there no way to import this field into EazyBI?


Also interested in this. If the field is not supported, is there a timeline for it to be?

Hey, @JKurtin

If that is a “Team” locked custom field from “Plans” (previously called Advanced Roadmaps or Portfolio) you would need to enable the custom field import from advanced settings.

Add these lines to advanced settings:

enable = true

Then, you should be able to select “Team” field from the import options page > Add-ons tab.

You could read more about the integration here: Advanced Roadmaps custom fields

Martins / eazyBI support


Thanks @martins.vanags,
You da’man! That worked perfectly and saved me a ton of time working around this issue!

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