Improve use of Template reports by keeping selected dropdown options (pages) after sync

My organization heavily uses a set of template reports that are inherited across several other accounts. Every time that these other accounts sync data, the dropdown options in all of the inherited template reports are reset - even if the template report hasn’t changed. This is confusing and inconveniencing users who have to reselect their data every time they want to see the report.

Dropdown selections currently persist after Save until the next resync; I would like for them to persist after the resync as well, like non-template reports do.

Hi @cchase

Users can change and save Page selection in imported reports and dashboards if the user has Report admin and higher roles.
The selected Page value won’t be changed back during the next data import only in case if All level member is selected in the template report (dashboard) Pages.
If there is selected a specific member in the imported report or dashboard Pages, during the next data import, the original selection will be restored.
This is the designed behavior of eazyBI.

Please ask the users who created template reports to leave the All level member in Page selection, if they want you to use your selections.

If this is not the case, please, contact me at to discuss this more closely.

Ilze /