In a cross project Initative - Epic - Story set up only show the Initiatives that are linked to the project I choose


I use Jira roadmaps, and I have all my Initiatives in project XXX. The rest of the projects link their epics to the Initiatives of project XXX so a common set up would be:

(Inviative) XXX-1 → (Epic) AAA-1 → (Story) AAA-3
(Inviative) XXX-2 → (Epic) BBB-1 → (Story) BBB-3

I want to create a report with that only shows tickets from project AAA and Initiatives linked to that project.
How can I filter out the Initiatives linked to other projects?

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Hi @Lara_LG
Please find how to import custom hierarchy in “Issue” dimension using Advanced Roadmaps.

Once the hierarchy is imported, you can use the “issue” dimension and select the initiative level in rows.
Then add the “Project” dimension to page filters and select the project AAA-1
If Nonempty rows filter is enabled, you should see only the count of epics and children of epics that belong to the filtered project.

Martins / eazyBI

Thanks Martin! With this same set up I wanted to get the name of the Initiative that is linked to the Story. But guess since the Parent Link is not in the Story but in the Epic is not possible without creating a custom metric?