In all epics, count stories without story points

Hi - I’m new to eazyBI and struggling to understand MDX. I’d like to build a measure that returns the count across all epics of stories that have no story points. I understand I need to use the count, filter, and descendant functions; but I am lost on how to put them together. I’ve read over many different questions and google results, but I’m still lost :confused: Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Yes, there is an option to use function Descendants to address all issues and apply filters based on values in issue fields. We suggest using this if other options do not work. Accessing issues with Descendants is quite powerfull but those formulas will require the most resources.

For your particular use case, I would suggest using arithmetical calculation.

You can use a hidden measure Issues with story points created to see how many issues have story points. Then you can subtract this number from all issues created. If you would like to limit those issues by issue type Story, use both measures in a tuple.

([Measures].[Issues created],
[Issue Type].[Story])
([Measures].[Issues with Story Points created],
[Issue Type].[Story])

Then you can use Epic Link dimension or Issue hierarchy Epic level to see this count by Epics.

Daina /

Thanks this worked like a charm.