Inactive Reports

Is it possible to get a list of reports that have never been executed?

Hi @knayak,
in eazyBI for Jira Server and Data Center you can enable usage statistics feature which can be used to analyze eazyBI usage using eazyBI.
If enabled then eazyBI report execution requests and source data imports are stored in a special usage statistics eazyBI account and usage statistics reports and dashboards can be created to analyze eazyBI usage.
See more information here -

Gerda //

We have that feature already turned on. We are cleaning up our instance and want to remove the reports/Calculate measures that were create but never used.

Is there a simpler way to create report that shows this information?

Hi @knayak,
this feature includes all the information about report usage and is meant to clean reports that are not used. About measures not used - if you try to delete them, there will be warning in case they are used in some reports.

But if this is not what you are searching could you share more details about what you mean by ‘simpler way’?


We are trying to create a an opposite of “Top active accounts”