Incorrect Beginning and Ending Values in Sprint Report

Note the attached graphic of a recent Sprint report. The equation:

_Story Points committed - Cumulative Story Points resolved = Sprint Story Points remaining

is correct as well as the cumulative sum of:

Cumulative Story Points resolved (excluding the initial value)

Now for the problems:

Story Points resolved = 19 but the initial value of Cumulative Story Points resolved = 75. The former value (19) is the correct Cumulative Story Points resolved initial value

The initial value of Sprint Story Points remaining is 618 but should be 157; the initial value of _Story Points committed (176) minus the initial value of Story Points resolved (19)

The last value of _Story Points committed is 531 but should be 847. This value should be the last value of Sprint Story Points remaining (316) + Cumulative Story Points resolved (531). The resulting total of 847 is confirmed by the measure Sprint Story Points at closing.

Lastly, the measure _Story Points committed is defined as:
CoalesceEmpty([Measures].[Sprint Story Points committed], [Measures].[Story Points history])

Help please.


Would you mind sending the report definition to so I could see all the calculations in the report: Export and import report definitions?

Also, do you consider those initial committed 176 points correct (they seem to be “out of the line”), and remaining incorrect, or vice versa?


Hi Ilze,

Upon further investigation, it is the Jira issues that are the problem. Some issues have resolution dates that correspond to an earlier sprint but the sprint selected has been updated to a later one. Will need to put some Jira controls in place (perhaps read-only in status-category done).

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