Incorrect boards loading in the sprint dimension

I am building a report having project and sprint dimensions
both project and sprint are marked as pages( meaning, they will appear as top row filters).
Now the problem i am facing is that, the boards that gets listed in the sprint dropdown does not corresponds to the projects loaded in the project filter
That is none of the projects from the project filter, falls on any of the boards in the Sprint filter…
So wondering from where the board entries are coming in the sprint filter
Is there any way to track this issue from jira?


Hello, I don’t know if you understand your real problem. However, my suggestion would be to review the cube’s import configuration(1) and clean through EMPTY(2) and re-import the data(3).




When using dimensions on Pages, each dimension works independently by default. For example, eazyBI shows all sprints no matter if there is any reference to projects.

There is an option to enable Nonempty option for Pages when there are several dimensions on Pages. This option will show only valid members based on previous selections. For example, when a project is selected, the next selection for Sprints will show only sprints related to selected projects.

The option is available on the cloud and will be available for server/DC with version 6.5.

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