Increasing timeout in Cloud, and allowing timeout setting per report

There are some reports that are more heavy and take more than 60 seconds in the cloud.
It would be good if the following would be possible:

  • Allow increasing the timeout setting in the cloud (currently set for 1 minutes)
  • Allow setting a “Report specific” timeout

Was just about the ask for this as well. As soon as you try some fancy MDX or begin to scale data, you’re left with a timeout. Can’t be a BI tool without being able to handle lots of data. Really like this tool just need it to scale

Any movement on this issue? We are being impacted by this on several of our reports.

nothing from eazyBI. I still run into this issue as we throw a lot of data into reports. Some reports I got around this but working with eazyBI support to add custom javascript to the settings so calculations are done at time of import