Infer "Team" Field from Portfolio?

I have a Project in a JIRA Cloud instance that has multiple boards organized using the “Team” field from Portfolio. Since the Team field is not available for import from JIRA Cloud into EazyBI, I am trying to find a way to infer that value – possibly using the [Sprint][Board] structure. However, the only sprint in the project is on the master board that includes issues assigned to all teams, so the other boards are returning no issue count. Is there another way that I can identify the list of issues that have been assigned to a specific Portfolio Team (i.e. board), without being able to access that field value directly?

Hi Bill!

Sorry for picking up your question so late!

For Jira Cloud, the Portfolio Team structure is recently changed in the Rest API. It is possible to use custom JavaScript code in your eazyBI advanced settings to redefine the Team field. First, in the Jira custom field list, find the ID of the Team custom field. Then add instead of NNNNN in all places within the following advanced settings:

#portfolio field Team
name = "Portfolio Team"
data_type = "string"
dimension = true
javascript_code = '''
   issue.fields.customfield_NNNNN = issue.fields.customfield_NNNNN.title 

After updating eazyBI Advanced settings you will find the Portfolio Team among the list of all custom fields and, after the import, it will be in the custom field dimension list.

Lauma /

Thank you so much! This worked perfectly, and has allowed me to enable a lot of reporting that JIRA still doesn’t support. I appreciate your help.

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