Inherit custom field from epic level to standard level and subtask with advanced roadmap

I have the following structure with an advanced roadmap:

where at the epic level I handle 2 types of issues (Epic and Project). These issues that are at the epic level have a custom field called “Direccion funcional del solicitante” that I need to inherit from their child issues. To achieve this use the following configuration:

dimension = true
update_from_issue_key = “epic_key”

But it only works for the childs of the epic and not for the childs of the project issue type. How can I make it inherit the information from the childs of the project as well? Being that it is also at the level of the epic.
thank you

Hi @Emiliano_Romero

​Thanks for raising this question!

​You might try to update your jira.customfield_10115 Additional advanced settings (Custom field import options) with one line

​update_from_issue_key = "jpoh_parent_2

​See example in screenshot below. You can learn about this in our documentation page here Issue link field dimensions

​As noted on the documentation page, replace X in the jpoh_parent_X with the appropriate value:

Use a parent level number 1,2,3,… instead of X counting parent levels on top of sub_tasks. 1 for story/standard issue level (jpoh_parent_1), 2 for epic level (jpoh_parent_2), 3 …

I recommend first trying to use level_2 and see if it returns the expected results.

​Best wishes,

Elita from

Its works fine! thanks!

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