Initiative and Epic progress report

enable = true

hierarchy_levels = [
{name = “Initiative”, issue_type = [“Initiative”, “Programm”]},
{name = “Feature”, issue_type = “Feature”},
{name = “Epic”, issue_type = [“Epic”, “Improvement”]},
{name = “Parent”},
{name = “Sub-task”}

I already put this code in advanced setting.
But only show this setting in Issue
Screenshot 2023-07-14 at 4.47.08 PM

My target is have a report to show how many Epics in an Initiative to measure the team performance by OKR.

My Hierarchy is

How should I do it?

Hi @wing

Please make sure that customfield_10000 is the ID for the “Parent link” field in Jira.
Here is how to find custom field ID in Jira:

And you would need to press “import” after advanced settings are updated.

Martins / eazyBI