Insight object's attributes as multiple dimensions


In my eazyBI, I would like to create reports using Insight fields in a Jira cube (I do not want to create a seperate Insight cube). I am able to import my Insight object with its attributes through the advanced settings and I can see them in my reports, but I have an issue: every attribute is grouped under the dimension of the object. I need some attributes in my reports as Rows, Columns or Pages, but I can only move my Insight object with all its attributes in only one of them. What I would like to do is to have each single attribute of the object as a seperate dimension. Any way to do that?

Thank you

Hi @alex_plo,
It is not possible to import those attributes as separate dimensions.
But you can import them as properties for Insight custom field dimensions. Then based on those properties, you can create new custom hierarchies in Insight custom field dimensions.

See more information in eazyBI documentation: Insight Asset Management - eazyBI for Jira
As well as in this blog article (it also contains recording from the webinar about this integration): Insight asset management reporting with eazyBI

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