Insight objects in Jira Tickets

Hi all,

we currently have the Software Version of our Machines included in the Jira Tickets, but only by manually selecting the version. I would like to use the Insight Object “Software Version” that is set for each Machine and include it automatically to the Jira Ticket without having to select it manually. Now the only issue i see is that the Software Version would always be up-to-date and display the current SW version the tool has set in the Insight Object - while we would like for closed Tickets to display the sw version that was installed on the machine during the time of the troubleshooting / ticket opening.

Is it possible to have this kind of static/dynamic behavior of insight objects, where they are up-to-date when creating new tickets and display the current sw version, but then stay the same after closing the ticket? Or will the sw version always be updated to the current one set in insight, even for closed tickets?

A different questions would also be: is it possible to automatically set the SW version currently defined in the insight object when creating a new ticket, and then keep it locked and not updating it each time the insight object is updated?

Thank you very much!

Hi @braco91 ,

​eazyBI app reports on already imported data and does not ch ange the data source as Jira.
​I would suggest looking up some automation add-ons for Jira or asking for some suggestions in the Atlassian community.

​Oskars /