Installation and Configuration of eazyBI for Jira


Jira Cloud

Installation of eazyBI for Jira Cloud should be performed by Jira administrators. You can find and install eazyBI using Jira Plugin Manager. Search for eazyBI for Jira Cloud and click install.

Jira Server

If you are running Jira Server or Jira DataCenter check for prerequisites required by eazyBI.
You also will need to set up a database for eazyBI. eazyBI uses a separate database to reorganize the data for real-time data analysis purposes. You can use the same database server as Jira or dedicate a different database server for eazyBI purposes.

Reporting could require lots of memory and could impact Jira performance. We strongly suggest enabling in eazyBI child process and designate resources for eazyBI. Imports will still run within Jira JVM.

If you are running Jira Data Center we strongly suggest using eazyBI version 4.5 or newer. Latest eazyBI versions have major improvements for Jira DataCenter.