Integration with Zephyr Scale (eazyBi cloud)


We use Zephyr Scale with JIRA cloud. Is there any option to integrate Zephyr Scale with eazyBi cloud and import data?

In eazybi doc I only found description for JIRA Server Zephyr Scale Test Management for Jira


Hi @Izzy,

Currently, eazyBI has integration with Zephyr Scale on Server, but not on Cloud yet.
While eazyBI does not support data import from Zephyr Scale on Cloud, you may import some testing data with REST API and create a custom data cube.

The solution might be like this:

  1. Create a new account for test execution analysis.

  2. Use three REST APIs as the data sources to import testing data into the new account (see documentation: Import from REST API).

  3. For REST API source data, specify the parameters

  4. Then proceed with data mapping. All three API data might be hard to read as they contain identifiersthe for project, statuses, execution results, etc… Howevere, you may adjust the source data with JavaScript in the data mapping screen. For example, convert Priority id to word if id matches a specific value.

    //custom javaScript for priority column
    if (doc.priority) {
      var pname =;
       if ( == "2527886") {
          pname = "Low" 
      if ( == "2527885") {
        pname = "Normal" 
      if ( == "2527884") {
        pname = "High" 
      return doc.priority = pname  

    Please see the documentation for more details: Data mapping).

Zane /

Many thanks for help @zane.baranovska :slight_smile: