Integration with Zephyr Scale (eazyBi cloud)


We use Zephyr Scale with JIRA cloud. Is there any option to integrate Zephyr Scale with eazyBi cloud and import data?

In eazybi doc I only found description for JIRA Server Zephyr Scale Test Management for Jira


Hi @Izzy,

Currently, eazyBI has integration with Zephyr Scale on Server, but not on Cloud yet.
While eazyBI does not support data import from Zephyr Scale on Cloud, you may import some testing data with REST API and create a custom data cube.

The solution might be like this:

  1. Create a new account for test execution analysis.

  2. Use three REST APIs as the data sources to import testing data into the new account (see documentation: Import from REST API).

  3. For REST API source data, specify the parameters

  4. Then proceed with data mapping. All three API data might be hard to read as they contain identifiersthe for project, statuses, execution results, etc… Howevere, you may adjust the source data with JavaScript in the data mapping screen. For example, convert Priority id to word if id matches a specific value.

    //custom javaScript for priority column
    if (doc.priority) {
      var pname =;
       if ( == "2527886") {
          pname = "Low" 
      if ( == "2527885") {
        pname = "Normal" 
      if ( == "2527884") {
        pname = "High" 
      return doc.priority = pname  

    Please see the documentation for more details: Data mapping).

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Many thanks for help @zane.baranovska :slight_smile:

@zane.baranovska Hello, good evening, greetings from Chile, I have a query with the integration of Zephyr with EasyBi, I already made the connection through Rest API, I already have the cube, but I can’t get a report with the executions per test case associated with some fields of the testcase, could you help me see how to get an execution report for both manual and automatic cases, I look forward to your help, regards

Hi @Cristian_Galvez,

This is a custom solution and would differ for each account. The solution depends on the chosen data mapping. I do not have an exact solution; just can give some tips for mapping (see the documentation here: Data mapping):

  • map test case as a new dimension
  • map test cycles as a new dimension
  • map test type (manual/automated) as a separate dimension
  • map the execution date to the Time dimension
  • map numeric values, like duration, as Measures
  • Add count measure to create a measure representing test executions

Zane /

The created fields are inheritable in the cycle and in the execution of the case?? Since I need based on this to get metrics. For example, I created the Automatable field (Yes or No options) but there is no way when I import into the cube other than if I get the Automatable (YES) executed or automatable (YES) metrics in the test cycles. How would the association have to do this?

This is my fields created and this Fields i need association in my metrics

Hello @zane.baranovska
Are there any plans to support this integration?

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Hi @Kirill_Gorelov,

We’ve been working on getting Zephyr Scale data import for the Cloud version into eazyBI for a while now, but I’m afraid I can’t provide you with any exact timelines at the moment. The reason for this is
Unfortunately, the Cloud version does not provide all the necessary testing data to build a holistic data model yet.

Anyhow, we will update this thread once the integration becomes available.

Zane /

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